Lingua Ignota: O Ruthless Great Divine Director

Kristin Hayter has been very much productive during the past few years, having left behind a couple of excellent, almost impossible to categorize albums as Lingua Ignota. Just a short time ago she became part of the Sightless Pit project alongside her fellow underground dark artists Lee Buford of The Body and Dylan Walker of Full of Hell, and most recently she revealed a harsh noise rendition on John Lennon's Imagine as a response to the still hot off the press celebrity version of the song.

O Ruthless Great Divine Director is the first new piece of music by the artist since the excellent CALIGULA, and it's another incredibly heavy piece of genre mixing transcendence.

"O Ruthless Great Divine Director both addresses and embodies the hypocrite and the false prophet," Hayter comments. "The sanctimonious scene police, the friend or community who will turn away or against when things get hard, fear mongering and pervasive misinformation. It was a great pleasure to have Greg Fox’s incredible talent on this song, and to work with Seth Manchester again at the console."

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