Paul Haslinger: Berlin 86-11

Tangerine Dream alum and esteemed film composer, Paul Haslinger, will be soon releasing his first solo album in twenty whole years. Exit Ghost arrives February 7th, 2020 through the new label Artificial Instinct.

After the crispness of Undertow, a more traditional, neo-classical-bent piece, Berlin 86-11 becomes the newest track surfacing off the coming LP, alongside a raw, naturalistic video directed by Rob Curry. The track, like the rest of Exit Ghost, is mainly established on a basal, melodious idea deriving from a grand piano, and forms into its final shape which reflects both the artist's work in cinema, and his ambient compositions.

"I like to leave room for chance and whichever method I chose can never be absolute," Haslinger comments on Exit Ghost. "Taking things apart is the first step in putting them back together in a more imaginative way."

The coming album was created over the span of eight years, and its organic nature has already justified a very important place in the prolific artist's vast catalog.


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