Death Hags: Transmission from cloud1119

Harbinger of a very ambitious seven volume project by experimental synhtpop/electronica artist, Death Hags, Transmission from cloud1119 is the an enamoring cut from the first volume of BIG GREY SUN which was originally released on a limited tape and CD run in late 2019, and it was just out digitally. The rest of the grand project will be out gradually throughout 2020 and 2021.

"A year ago I was bitten by a dog and spent two days with a high fever, hallucinating and unable to sleep," Lola Jean, creator behind the Death Hags moniker comments. "I wrote this song during the early morning hours after a night of insomnia, staring at the blinking light of the Forest Lawn cemetery church in the hills, far in the distance."

Richly textured, moody and nocturnal, the bilingual track spreads out glimmering synthpop luxury and class, and becomes a musing first specimen from a very large venture, abound with aspiration and commitment.

Death Hags will perform at Treefort Music Fest and Savannah Stopover in March 2020, ahead of the release of BIG GREY SUN #2.

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