MYY.: Orbit of the wind

MYY. is the creative vehicle of guitarist and composer, Hiroshi Kambara; a post rock band based in Tokyo, Japan, whose ardent and well-crafted sound doesn't differ much from the virtue of some of the genre's greatest, like MONO and Explosions In The Sky.

The band's debut album, Your world is not all correct, was released in 2019 through the Japanese independent record label, Dewfall Records, and its composed of five lengthy and emotional instrumentals that showcase Kambara's vision for an expansive sound based on drums and guitar.

Orbit of the wind is an emotive and beautiful epic, a tightly composed piece that absorbs the listener for its almost 14-minute entirety, without letting up, building its ecstatic character between moments of frailty and waves of composed eruption, constituting something extremely fresh and repeat-worthy.

With five compositions that exceed the one hour mark, the debut album of MYY. has in keeping attributes that derive from many different genres, and flourishes like an essential new listen for post rock admires and beyond.


Cover art by O'ruka

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