Gold Baby: Japanese Racehorse

Gold Baby are a grungy dreampop trio from London, UK, active since 2018, fueled by the songwriting delicacy of guitarist and vocalist Siân Alex. The band is responsible for a series of wonderful singles, the latest of which, Japanese Racehorse, draws inspiration from an unusual subject, breathing new life into an older story of diligence and commitment.

Haru Arura was a racehorse who became known in the early 2000s for her one hundred consecutive losses. Siân found her own parallels in the horse's unsuccessful, yet, resolute path.

"We often put so much energy into seeking validation for what we are doing, that we lose sight altogether of why we’re doing it," she elaborates. "It’s that feeling that sits at the back of your mind, of waiting for that one e-mail, that opportunity, that award or promotion that will make all the of the hard work pay off, and so we work even harder - often in the wrong direction. Japanese Racehorse is about scrabbling to win the 100th race, just to make all of the 99 before it worthwhile. It’s about that subconscious search for certainty that turns the things that may once have brought us joy just by being a part of our lives - our careers, our hobbies, our passions or dreams - into things that makes us miserable."

One of their most realized singles thus far, Japanese Racehorse sounds nuanced and determined at once, much alike the real story from which it's been influenced.

"There are so many parts of Haru’s story that I find interesting and there are many other ways I find myself in there, which have weaved their way into the song," Siân continues. "Haru of course lost the 100th race and everybody who bet on her lost their money, yet Haru’s rider took her for a victory lap and the stands erupted with applause; people shouted ‘thank you!’ and laughed with joy. I love that her loss was reclaimed, and given a new meaning. Sometimes we can’t see the value of what we’re doing whilst we’re doing it, and it is only when we look from a new perspective that we remember what really matters. When we stop thinking about the finish line, and see things as they really are, we can find the treasure that was there all along."

Gold Baby are Siân Alex (guitar, vocals), Sara Kleppe (bass) and Scott Hislop (drums). Coinciding with the single's release comes a video of the band performing the song live at Musiclands Studios in Haggerston, London.

Band photo by Keira Anee Photography

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