Liotta Seoul: Paper Blossom

Liotta Seoul is a three-piece grunge-bent alternative band from Germany who are about to follow their well received debut full length from 2017 with their new album, Hopper, recorded with the great Jack Shirley in Oakland, California.

Off the upcoming record, Paper Blossom, finds the band exploring more of the dreampop aspect of their overall dynamic sound, and deals with a very interesting and easy to relate to concept through its well expressed lyrics.

"Lyrically, the song is about a personal tendency of mine to push people away whenever I feel I can’t take the engagement anymore," guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter, Sven Int-Veen, lets us in on the song's aim. "And that leads to a vicious cycle of me basically feeling bad for bailing on a situation which I’m uncomfortable in because I don’t want to give people false ideas. Basically, I need my space and then again, I don’t want to have that much space because I feel like people might feel resented which I do not mean to do. The other two can probably tell you about my wandering off which is a thing I do what happens quite frequently. The song is basically dealing with that. Which I think might be signs of hypersensitivity. It’s one of my favorite songs on the record. It’s really fun to play. Really tough to sing actually."

The superb, eye-catching clip which comes with the song draws influence from analogously colorful and lively K-Pop videos, and comes indicative of the band's good eye for strong aesthetics.

Along the lines of nineties alternative rock, yet, cut to fit enduring themes, and sounding electrifying sharp while doing it, Liotta Seoul's artistic intent appears candid and convincing.

Liotta Seoul  are Lukas Stein {bass, backing vocals, keys), Sven Int-Veen (guitars, vocals, synthesizers) and Nikolas Becker (drums, percussion).


Video by Sven Int-Veen

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