GR^VE: Resign Your Fate

Composed of Seraph (lyrics and vocals) and Carbon (multi-instrumentalist), GR^VE is a newly arrived, enigmatic duo whose sound mingles qualities from post punk, shoegaze and electronica to take its own dark and alluring shape.

Resign Your Fate is the band's debut single, a moody piece with a steady build up and an encompassing cinematic character, established on an airy vocal delivery and tightly woven instrumentals. The song comes with an equivalently brooding visual composed of breathtaking landscapes which magnify the piece's grandeur.

Bringing to mind the suaveness of Bowery Electric, the eloquence of Massive Attack and the heft in the heavier side of post rock akin to bands like This Will Destroy You, Resign Your Fate constitutes a remarkable debut piece for the fresh act which has just made its presence felt momentously.


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