Deathcrush: Know What You Want

Oslo's Deathcrush who have been on a roll lately with their latest album and single releases, pull the old switcheroo on their brand new cut, Know What You Want, released through Apollon Records/The Orchard.

The new track find bass player Pelle on drumming duties, drummer Vidar handling the bass, while singer Linn is steadfast and once more trusty on vocals. The result is another riff-friendly, fuzzy and boisterous blend of noise rock and industrial zip which hauls in the listener in an instant, and showcases the wonderful immediacy in the band's winningly raw saw. Most notably, the song's lyrics pay homage to Norwegian actress and singer, Die Wenche.

Although they've had a fair share of recognition thus far, Deathcruch's spark looks like one the brightest of their kind, and expressing how full of promise their endeavors are up to this moment, is only an understatement.

Know What You Want will be another bonus track in the band's upcoming compilation, The Singles Series, to be released March 13th, 2020 via Apollon Records/The Orchard/Plastic Head.


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