Kite: Tranås/Stenslanda

Swedish dark synthpop duo, Kite, reveal their stately new single, Tranås/Stenslanda, a traditional pop-oriented, delicate piece, in every sense characteristic of the dark and sensuous qualities in the band’s songcraft, founded on pulsating beats, lush synths, all memorable and lavishly executed.

Marcus Malmström directed the song’s accompanying visual and had to say: “Having grown up in a small, rural place myself, I wanted to capture that decade-long wait to get away and start a life for yourself. Those drifting, longing thoughts that become rarer as you get older and in hindsight shaped the person you are today.

Kite are based in Stockholm and composed of vocalist Nicklas Stenemo and keyboardist Christian Berg. They have released a series of EPs since their inception in 2008, and have earned accolades for their imposing live presence, as well as their sharp synthpop sound which eloquently winks at the genre’s rich history while appearing inherent and genuine.

Tranås/Stenslanda finds Kite going strong in 2020, a harbinger of more to come, while the duo also prepares for more live shows.

Band photo by Lisabi Fridell

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