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After coming up with her own version of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s Heaven, dark songwriter and former Sunshine Blind frontwoman, Caroline Blind, offers her take on another piece originally from a darkwave peer, The Wake’s First which first came out on their 1996 album, Nine Ways. It’s all part of Blind’s upcoming full length, The Spell Between, composed of covers like these, reworked tracks from the catalog of her old band, as well as brand new, original works.

Sunshine Blind and The Wake go way back, having played live shows together in the early nineties. Many years later the two sides worked on more music together through long distance collaboration, and this new version of First is the result of the two parties’ shared respect and appreciation for one another.

Blind’s version is moodier and sulkier compared to the original’s gothic darkwave substance, and offers a completely different facet of the composition’s dark depth, while both versions now stand as levelly complimentary to each other.

The Spell Between comes out February 2020 through Motherofskye Creations.

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