The Murder Capital: For Everything // Live At Tapetown

Part of the electrifying post punk scene from Dublin, Ireland which has sprung popular acts like Fontaines DC, as well as Silverbacks and Girl Band, the rougher and more dark-bent, The Murder Capital, visited the Tapetown studio in Aarhus, Denmark, on the heels of their latest album, the acclaimed, produced by Flood, When I Have Fears.

Album opener, the six-minute long, For Everything, is presented live in its rawest form, stripped from the fairly smoother character of the album version, with the band in an almost raving state, performing the song in utter perfection, while exposing all the power, the temperament and the immediacy in the band's live execution.

Having already delivered memorable sessions from The Telescopes, Ulrika Spacek, Moaning and many more, Tapetown has once again come through with another great and momentous one.

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