Tethra: Cold Blue Nebula

Skillfully mingling heaviness with melancholy, and coming forth with an extreme metal sound that draws elements from progressive rock, doom and death metal, Italy's Tethra will be releasing their upcoming third album, Empire of the Void, on March 20th, 2020 via Black Lion Records.

The seven-minute doom epic, Cold Blue Nebula, is the first piece revealed off the new record, and it comes with a video composed of arresting landscapes which add an extra coating of august moodiness to the band's already grand sound. Tethra describe the song as "a threnody that faces feelings of detachment and loneliness passing through a painful and necessary transition to get to know our inner self."

On par with the purgative dejection immortalized by dark metal acts such as My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost, Tethra's sound parallels the depths of their themes and lyrical content, and doesn't hold back neither the ponderousness nor the low spirits.


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