Ocoeur: Glow

Part of the eclectic catalog of the Oakland independent label, n5MD, Everything, will be the sixth album from experimental electronica composer, Franck Zaragoza's Ocoeur project. The upcoming full length comes out February 28th, 2020, and it's introduced with the just unveiled first single, Glow.

Analogous to the IDM and ambient electronica mixture for which the Bordeaux-based musician earned much accolades through his earlier endeavors, Ocoeur's new composition dazzles, in consequence of its immediacy and sharpness. Glow turns to good account the most of the artist's dexterity in sound design and flair for modern, minimal, experimental soundscapes, and in only five minutes it manages to leave a strong impact for its rare combination of sophistication and accessibility.

Warm and distinguishable, Glow, is a delicate, yet, powerful first specimen of a propitious full length, that follows in the footsteps of the quality work Zaragoza has delivered in the past.

Cover art by Ian Erik Waider

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