Surf Rock Is Dead: Diabolik

With one gripping single after another, the time draws near for the Brooklyn-based dreampop duo, Surf Rock is Dead, to deliver their imaginative songcraft in full length form as well. Existential Playboy, the band's debut album will be out May 1st, 2020, three years after their most recent EP, We Have No Friends?

New single and part of the coming album, Diabolik, is exactly what anyone would have expected from Joel Witenberg and Kevin Pariso's evolving artistry; an expertly constructed lo-fi dreampop cut that showcases the consistent maturity in their songwriting, and sounds more memorable than ever, as it's cozily en route toward the poppier side of dreampop.

The band offer a more detailed idea about their new single: "Diabolik is about dealing with some extreme situations we’ve encountered living with various people in NYC. Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get… Whether it be a roommate sleeping on the bathroom floor, a pile of who-knows-what on the living room floor, or strangers ending up in YOUR room, sometimes it’s not exactly how you imagined your life. Diabolik is a venting of those crazy roommate situations that suck in the moment, but given enough time, actually are pretty damn funny."


Artist photo by Shamshawan Scott

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