Caroline Blind: Heaven

A classic number for post punk and darkwave, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's Heaven, originally on their 1989 album, Blow, is revisited by another gothic rock stalwart, with the blessings of one of its original composers.

A new take on Heaven is included in the upcoming album by Caroline Blind of the goth rockers, Sunshine Blind who released three albums and gained a lot of traction within the genre back in the nineties. Blind strips down the song to its core and transforms it into an acoustic piece, with the contribution of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's David Wolfenden, as well as that of Rich W., guitarist of The Wake, another reliable act for post punk.

"The chance to revisit the music you loved growing up is always a pleasure," Caroline Blind states. "It brings back all the memories you associate with a certain song; a certain time, a place, a person... it can be uplifting, devastating, or bittersweet. The experiences you've had with a song over the years grow and change like any relationship... New perspectives are seen, new memories formed, forming a bigger picture, and maybe eventually, even coming full circle."

The Spell Between, Blind's upcoming LP will be out on February 2020 on Motherofskye Creations, features additional collaborations with Dave the Dramedy, Ashe Ruppe from Delphine Coma, and Gordon Young from Joy Thieves/Pretentious Moi/Children on Stun/ The Dream Disciples.


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