D//E Premiere: Uppermost: Fire Starter

French producer, Uppermost, has always been keen on both alternative hard rock and vivid electronica to wield his compound and very much dynamic sound. Fire Starter, his new single, comes out January 17th, 2020 through his own imprint, Uppwind Records.

In keeping with his his Persian/French heritage, Behdad Nejatbakhshe in real life, draws inspiration heavily from the Iranian freedom fights against the fundamentalist regime, while maintaining a positive spirit through the power and depth of his complex compositions. Channeling the radical intensity of Rage Against The Machine, as much as the electronic house mayhem of Justice, with an extra coating of cinematic properties, Uppermost sounds bold and very much affecting on his new musical endeavor, giving voice to a revolutionary mindset in a distinctive and sincere manner.

The artist comments on the basis of Fire Starter: "In the creative process, I have learnt that any idea or inspiration, no matter how useless it may sound, can trigger a big step towards a beautiful artwork if we act on it. Fire Starter is a tribute to those elusive moments that can lead to the biggest changes in our lives if we value their power."

Artist photo by Maxime Marmier

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