Paul Haslinger: Undertow

A few months after the strong reception of the Neuland project alongside his fellow Tangerine Dream alum, Peter Baumann, the prolific Paul Haslinger returns to a more organic ambient sound, in the vein of his film music, and prepares for the release of his first solo album in twenty years. Exit Ghost comes out February 7th, 2020 through the new label Artificial Instinct.

"I’ve never been happy staying in one particular school of musical thought," Haslinger comments. "The fun has been turning things on their heads, to try something you were not supposed to do."

The new album has been eight years in the making, and the result is a meticulously crafted, yet, unconventional listen, forthright, full of tension, and almost impossible to identify in regular musical terms. Undertow, the brief and absolutely compelling newest piece unveiled off the the coming album, reflects the zest and experimental essence of Haslinger's craft.

"The soul searching in connection with this record was extensive," the composer adds. "Finding places of resonance, giving a color to your memories. It was more challenging because it’s not somebody else’s narrative. Finding the core of your own story can be the most difficult task of all."



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