Tan Cologne: Alien

Coming from Taos, NM, Tan Cologne is one of the latest addition to the roster of the eclectic Swedish label, Labrador Records. The duo is composed of Lauren Green (formerly of Mirror Travel) and artist Marissa Macias, and their sound leans toward the warmer aspect of dreampop, as the band cite influence from the likes of Mazzy Star and CAN, something surely identifiable in the first examples off their first album.

The sundrenched, balmy and mystifying newest single, Alien, off the duo's debut, Cave Vaults On The Moon In New Mexico, pairs Tan Cologne's mesmerizing and sharply constructed instrumentals with soft, evanescent vocals and intricate textures, in an overall beautiful composition that challenges dark Americana's essentials.

"Alien tells of a visitation," the band describe. "It is a prediction of what may and can occur when contact from outer space is made and time is revealed. It speaks of new faces, new age, dimensions colliding, cults forming, mind control, and as referenced in the song's lyrics, 'Elevate the water line, Surface left to peel,' water levels rising, creating a new landscape. Has it happened already?"

Cave Vaults On The Moon In New Mexico releases 14th February 2020.


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