Astari Nite: Capulet Loves Montague

Drawing inspiration from the tragedy that dwells in one of the most recognized stories ever told, Miami dark post punk band, Astari Nite, reveal their new single, Capulet Loves Montague, through which William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet becomes something that reflects both the contemporary and the timeless attributes of gothic rock.

Vocalist Mychael offers more insight one the new track: "Lyrically, Capulet Loves Montague came to life while my 11-year young best friend and I were fooling around with crayons on a rainy evening. Perhaps it was the colors that made it clear, a nursery rhyme was being created. A feeling of innocence came over me when the words 'Christmas trees are frozen spiders, Cats are made from snow, terrified by what I think of, petrified in love' were written. I’m obsessed with silliness, which is often mistaken for my sadness, especially when it comes to storytelling."

This time with a more industrial bent sound, Astari Nite's new single could sit comfortably next to the dark edge of Bauhaus and Clan Of Xymox. Capulet Loves Montague will be part of the band's upcoming album, expected later in 2020.

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