Sondra Sun-Odeon: Drowning Man: An Invocation for the Demise of Patriarchy

One of the most radical and drastic pieces in Sondra Sun-Odeon's upcoming sophomore album is a nine-minute epic, grand and awe-inspiring from its conception which bears a striking title, and implements a huge amount of excellence by an impressive lineup of contributors.

Drowning Man: An Invocation for the Demise of Patriarchy was written during the hearings of SCOTUS justice Kavanaugh, and absorbs the #MeToo movement's spirit, as the song speaks of a world in which an undivided female outrage conquers what's left of the long-established patriarchy, and guides the rise of a new society.

Sun-Odeon's core team of Thor Harris of Swans on drums and percussion, herself and J.R. Bohannon (Ancient Ocean) on guitars, Anthony Piromalli on soundscapes and Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus) on production, is enhanced with Mary Lattimore contributing harp, Cordey Lopez and Matthew Clough-Hunter on gamelan, and Lia Simone Braswell of A Place to Bury Strangers expressively reciting a piece written by Sun-Odeon, inspired by a seventies wicca futurist feminist manifesto.

The song is a venturous, immense piece in three parts which transforms anger into beautiful poetry conjoined with elevated and tough to categorize musicianship.

Desyre arrives November 22nd, 2019 via Graveface Records.

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