Pinemoon: Miracle

Like both the previously unveiled introductory singles, Miracle and Sinister suggested, Pinemoon's debut full length which finally arrived in its entirety, is one of the finest dreampop releases of 2019, and a record that places the band straight into the genre's forefront.

Miracle - the album, draws from shoegaze's fountainhead, and although it doesn't reinvent anything, it possesses all those upstanding properties that have made the genre consistently popular and reliable through time. The album's strengths lie mostly on the keenness of its soft melodiousness, the acumen of its analog production and its pretty fantastic ear for instrumentation and arrangement.

Picture Slowdive at their most nostalgic and add that Scandinavian reticence that makes everything sounding even more distant, still, the warmth in Pinemoon's art is still present, lurking underneath the existential qualities of their themes.

Next to the radiance of the aforementioned singles, the album's highlights include opener Strange Times, mellow soft rocker I Try, hopeful pop jewel Weak / Dress / Fly, as well as the epic closing piece The Feeling That You Left Me Won't Return which finds the Danish band at their most epic and ambitious.

Pinemoon is composed of experienced musicians who have been playing together for twenty years in other projects, so there's no surprise as to why the band's chemistry is thoroughly identifiable, hence the fully realized and accomplished record Miracle turned out to be.

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