Ancient Channels: Footprints In The Dark

We have previously enjoyed the work of Brisbane musician, Kelly Hanlon, through a couple of excellent bands of which she's been part, Deafcult and Terra Pines, both commendable acts within the shoegaze realm. Ancient Channels is her latest project, alongside Chris Preindel (Leavings, Vestiges and Apparitions) on the drums.

Through their very first outing, Footprints In The Dark, Ancient Channels showcase their clear bent toward a dreamier and more psychedelic side of shoegaze, and sound all the way melodious, musing and dense, while citing influence from bands like The Creatures, Warpaint and Beach House.

Blending its overarching melancholy with an everlasting form of uneasiness that's subtly linked to existentialism, the song is a stellar, mesmeric piece of well executed dreampop absent-mindedness. It unfolds like a wonderful, and without a doubt promising debut single.

Cover photo by Jason Cahill

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