Point No Point: Drift

Point No Point is the alias for the musical solo project of Jana Sotzko, an experimental musician known for her work with krautrock trio, Soft Grid, and her contribution to the indie group, Dropout Patrol. Point No Point's debut album, Drift, is set to come out via Sp├Ąti Palace and Katuktu Collective on November 22nd, 2019, and it has just been introduced with the mesmerizing title track and its accompanying music video.

Sotzko grew up in Berlin and became a solid mainstay of the local scene by engaging with many different and diverse bands. For Drift the artist returned to her early home-recording experiments with Tascam 4-track recorders. The project began in demo form and was composed of complete songs, ideas and sketches, field recordings and exercises, some of which were captured on tour and on the road. She stayed in Pristina, Kosovo for fourteen days to record, and returned to the studio where she worked with producer Dritero Nikqi and expanded further on the ideas she had collected for her vision.

The album's title track and the enchanting video by Laurence Heintz that comes with it, both convey the beautiful eccentricity, complexity and audacity Point No Point provides through her venturous artistry, while this project further establishes Jana Sotzko as an imaginative and genuine musician in Berlin's underground scene.

Artwork by Philipp Dittmar

Video by Laurence Heintz


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