Slow Riot: Heaven's Daughter

Limerick, Ireland four-piece, Slow Riot, came around a little before this sudden reemergence of British post punk lead by Shame and Idles, and released a series of notable singles and EP’s, but never a proper full length.

G.A.D is the band's first and only LP, as Slow Riot disbanded in 2018, a little after the completion of the album's recording, and while they were still at their very peak, sharing stages with Preoccupations, whenyoung, The Twilight Sad, Mission Of Burma and more. The album was recorded at Savage Sound Studios, Hastings, with longtime collaborator Kevin Vanbergen (The Pixies, The Maccabees, Dinosaur Pile-Up, The La’s and Biffy Clyro), and has the markings of a solid breakthrough release evident all over its dozen tracks, utterly fleshing out the quitting while ahead philosophy.

Unmistakably bent toward the darker side of post punk, Slow Riot's full length is composed of both more resilient and emotionally fragile tracks, balancing the fitting boldness and grit in the band's compositions with similarly powerful lyricism and introspection, as it all generate a multifarious release which feels non-standard and accessible at the same time.

Heaven's Daughter is the lead single and one of the highest highlights on G.A.D, which by all means appears like something that deserves continuation, but then again, it's fairly wholesome as it is.

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