El Lago: Pyramid

Texan shoegazers, El Lago follow their strong debut, Colors, from 2017, with a new six-song EP which demonstrates a darker and more avant-garde approach to their previously exhibited, inviting shoegaze elegance.

Closer to a kind of dramaturgic post punk and no wave, and further from the sweet tunefulness of their first LP, Pyramid takes a murkier direction that fits pretty well both Lauren Eddy's emotive vocals and the quartet's all around intricate instrumentals. This diversion between the band's off-center presence and the hazy and ultra melodious dreampop sound of their earlier material is almost absent on the title track which marks the EP's most accessible moment, yet, from the striking spunk of opening piece, Citadel, to the dark coldness of Moths and the psychedelic expansiveness of Solo, the stellar Pyramid is full of overpowering highlights.

El Lago make a firm forward step, appearing like a prompt and first rate shoegaze act which doesn't hesitate to make a reality out of their nonconformist and clear vision for their art.

El Lago are Lauren Eddy, Jacob Villarreal, Charles Eddy and Jaron Hall. Pyramid is out now on Wallflower Records.

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