No Middle Name: Meet the Folks

Consistent purveyor of sophisticated pop tunefulness, David Bailey's No Middle Name project returns with one of its most amusing, storytelling, and at the same time introspective efforts to date.

Meet The Folks is a two-part single, with both components based on the same concept, the same delightful piano riff, and sounding equally compelling, mainly due to the very much compatible vocal correspondence  between Bailey and singer, Lucy Martin, as well as the customarily great musicianship that a NMN piece presents as to its instrumentation and production.

Part 1 of Meet The Folks is a sweet and upbeat indie pop piece narrating the story of a young couple and their plans to run away after the girl's parents disapprove of the boy, while the second part, in a more somber tone finds the boy dejected as he tries to move on.

Perfect in structure, picturesque and musically appealing on every level, David Bailey's songwriting once again shines, and fans of the quirky pop of Belle And Sebastian, Pulp and The Vaselines, will get a thrill out of this.

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