Mandalai Lamas: I Don ́t Know What To Do With My Life

Where vintage garage rock comes into collision with a young band's energy and ability, enter Mandalai Lamas, a group of psychedelic rockers from Halden, Norway. The band is currently in preparations for the release of their debut LP, expected to come out early 2020 on Big Day Records, and have already put out a series of singles, the latest of which is the spirited, I Don ́t Know What To Do With My Life.

Giving off a first impression of something that could have belonged in a Pebbles or a Nuggets or a Mindrockers anthology, the new song comes full of high energy rock 'n' roll vibes, psychedelic radiance, a lot of grit, as well as some fine existential qualities in its lyrical content.

After winning over audiences with their live presence, Mandalai Lamas seem and sound more than ready to do the same thing through their recordings.

A completely DIY and super fun video which comes with the song was created by and features the band and their friends.

Mandalai Lamas are Håvard Dahle (guitar, lead vocals), Levi Sandberg (bass, backup vocals), Theodor Skovrand (guitar), Markus Berntzen (guitar), Marius Width (drums) and Jacob Lalo Brolund (keys, percussion).


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