Birthday Girl: In My Stomach

Steadily rising, Stockholm-based band, Birthday Girl, come through with their new single, In My Stomach, recorded in their rehearsal studio in their hometown with Rhys Edwards from Ulrika Spacek, and out via Sweet Cream Records.

"Any kind of mental or emotional disruption in my life, positive or negative, manifests itself in my stomach," says the band's own, Fran Baxter about the new song. "Our last single, I Came Here To Eat, covers the more positive aspects in the thrill of the chase, but In My Stomach is the opposite, more like 'I Came Here To Vomit'. The tune refers to a specific situation for me but anyone can relate to the feeling you get when you realize you've been had by someone, like a right donkey that just ate a plastic carrot."

A brief and delectably fuzzy piece, the song makes a clear distinction from the post punk edge of the band's previous single, and lays its tunefulness and wistful essence on the listener straight out. The band's shoegaze-inclined, psychedelic rock sound finds an absolute perfect match in the atmospheric video created by Robin Malmsten Havervall, and the outcome is something no less than enthralling.

Birthday Girl are twins Martin and Fran Baxter, James Corden (not the talk show host), and Joakim SandegÄrd.


Video by Robin Malmsten Havervall

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