S Y Z Y G Y X: Ultra Doll

Following the successful debut that was Is That All There Is from earlier in 2019, DC darkwave duo, S Y Z Y G Y X, are very quickly ready with their sophomore full length, expected to come out October 11th, 2019 through Cold Transmission Music (Europe) and Negative Gain Productions (US).

The upcoming album, Fading Bodies, is introduced by lead single Ultra Doll, and its accompanying video. A minimal and very much compelling piece, Ultra Doll is definitive of the duo's skillfully put together mixture of coldwave and post punk sound, and expressive of the existential character in all of their writing.

"Our inspiration comes primarily from the our human existence, and the meaning of it," S Y Z Y G Y X state. "We also believe in the beauty of sound, if you can close your eyes and feel something when you listen, we’ve accomplished what we mean to do. We believe everything has a sound: the Universe, the sun, the moon, our surroundings. That is where our inspiration comes from. We are deeply connected to our spirit, and our soul, as those are directly connected to sound."

S Y Z Y G Y X are Luna Blanc and Josh Clark, responsible for the band's compositions, production, mixing and mastering. The duo will be going on tour in both the US and Europe following the album's release.


Tour Dates

Oct 17th Washington DC @ Pie Shop
Oct 20th Baltimore,MD @ Rituals
Dec 29th Richmond,VA @ Fallout
European Tour with Elz and the Cult and Palais Ideal 2020
Feb 27th Tel Aviv, Israel @ Gagarin
Feb 28th Rome,IT @ Metamorphosis Club
Feb 29th Povoglio,IT @ Caseificio La Rosa
March 4th Freiburg,Germany @ Slow Club
March 5th Kolin, Germany @ Blue Shell
March 6th Beauvais,France @ L'Ouvre Boite
March 11th Hamburg,Germany @ Ms Stubnitz
March 12th Berlin,Germany @ Slaughterhouse
March 13th Ilmenau,Germany @ Baracke 5 EV
More dates to be announced.

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