Blood Child: Shower Me EP

After a long but worthwhile wait, and following a couple of remarkable singles, Danish indie rockers, Blood Child, released their debut EP, Shower Me, through the Copenhagen label, NESM.

Shower Me is a six-song release composed of the recently revealed, Shivers Home and Confident Silence, two older cuts which had been introduced two us a long while ago via the band's Tapetown session (Psycho and Suicide Boy), and two more, unreleased until now tracks.

As much as both songs selected as the EP's preceding singles showed a glimpse of Blood Child's more approachable angle, half of the record seems to be leaning heavily on their cunning, avant-garde side, especially with the closing song, Strange Life, following an unexpected twist toward a gritty and meticulously unrefined lo-fi sound, and the also previously unveiled, Colors, finding the band at a full on dark psychedelic rock mode. In a similar manner, Suicide Boy, sounds way, much more different, more played down and somber than the live rendition we've previously heard via Tapetown, proving without question how multilayered and conversant the band's songwriting can be.

Psycho remains the most exquisite exemplification of the sound on which Blood Child thrive the most, which is that tense and worked up post punk, and sticks out as the EP's highlight, and as that standard piece off which the band draws much of its strengths, so to boldly branch out into more diverse territories.

Lyrically and thematically the EP is a comforter to the disenchanted, although the band are more focused on conveying their message mainly through sound, and less via wording.

"For us, however, music and lyrics has always been more about the pure sound of the words, and not so much about their exact meaning. It's about the instantaneous, the intuitive and the imperfections of things that occur instantaneously in the moment that is important to us. Words before language. Existence before purpose."

Blood Child are composed of brothers Emil Bertelsen and Mads Bertelsen (also brothers of Mathias Bertelsen of The Entrepreneurs) plus Marikka Højen Jørgensen, Lasse Krüger and Hjalte Ross.


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