Gold Dime: My House

My House is the new single and video by New York noise rockers, Gold Dime, coming a little after the previously unveiled, Hindsight II, from their upcoming record also titled My House, releasing October 11th, 2019 via Fire Talk Records.

From the ranks of the acclaimed noise rock duo, Talk Normal, Gold Dime come through with their sophomore LP, following 2017’s Nerves, finding the project's creative force, Andrya Ambro, taking a completely different approach. My House materializes more as a collective group effort, and less like the debut that was created strictly under Ambro’s direction with collaborators in rotation.

The artful black and white video for the album's title track was directed by Andrya Ambro herself, and edited by Chris Mulligan of Parlor Walls.

"I can’t say there’s any conscious correlation between the lyrical content of the song and the moving image - a singing face being dragged - besides a surreal and intimate absurdity," Ambro says. "But there is definitely a direct line between how both the video and the song make you feel."

"Picture a deep breath from Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon getting choked in the anxiety of Lynch’s Lost Highway," Mulligan adds. "Locked in step with the hypnotic rhythm, you don’t notice the ground disappearing below you. Then the beat changes and suddenly you no longer know where you are."

Between experimental noise rock and post punk murkiness, My House is an imposing and pretty much expansive piece which represents the band's obscure songwriting means, as well as the eloquence in their exciting delivery.


Video directed by Andrya Ambro


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