Bestial Mouths: INSHROUDSS

Insisting on restlessly taking post punk and darkwave to the most extreme, the great Bestial Mouths return with INSHROUDSS, the lead single off their upcoming EP of the same name, expected October 28th, 2019 via RUNE & RUIN Records.

Produced by Alex DeGroot (of Zola Jesus) and featuring Brant Showers (of SOLVE and Aaimon), the new song is a driving and piercingly sharp industrial killer in the vein of the early Xymox, finding the Berlin (via NYC and LA) act in topnotch form, merging gothic electronica, coldwave and post punk without flaw.

"There is dark fabric suffocating my entire being, filling my lungs, binding limbs," Bestial Mouths' steady creative power and frontwoman, Lynette Cerezo, says. "A physical, emotional and mental bondage in life, a confusion as to why the other can not see that I have become a shell of a human. Stagnate, gray, slowly vanishing. When it becomes hard to breathe, reality is questionable."

The arresting clip attached to the new song was directed by visual artist Void.exe_berlin, continuing the band's custom of experimenting with imagery and theatrics, and consistently accompanying their work with equally artful visual components.


Video directed by VOID.exe_berlin


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