Djunah: Nurse And Nun

Sort of descriptive of their upcoming debut album's cover at, Nurse and Nun is the latest single surfacing off the all around fervent Ex Voto by Chicago's post punk/noise rock upstarts, Djunah.

The song is a five minute stunner which starts things off with bated breath, but gradually and in a seamless manner develops into a storm of energy, concluding in a rousing, blustering onslaught, boldly delivered by Donna Diane. Taking the madness of its structure into account, the song seems like a great challenge for Donna to execute on guitar, bass and vocals at the same time.

Produced and recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studio, Ex Voto comes out on November 1st, 2019 through Triple Eye Industries.

For the record, the cover art of Ex Voto was shot by Dave Rentauskas, and portrays Donna in nun attire, referencing two paintings done in the ex voto tradition: Philippe de Champaigne’s Ex-Voto de 1662 and Frida Kahlo’s Henry Ford Hospital.

More from Djunah coming soon.


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