Uniform & The Body: Penance

Two of this publication's favorite heavy acts are hard at it again, once more operating as one. Following last year's exceptional, Mental Wounds Not Healing, Uniform and The Body will be releasing their second collaborative album, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back, incoming August 16th, 2019 through Sacred Bones.

Continuing with the intriguing titling and the many cultural references, after the previous record's title having made excellent use of Ozzy's Crazy Train, this time the album borrows from Bruce Springsteen's timeless classic, Atlantic City, from Nebraska.

Penance which introduces us to the album, is a strikingly heavy electronic rock killer with a fervent vocal delivery and an immaculately sharp and chock-full production, subtly evocative of new wave accessibility, post industrial dissonance, and a heavy load of harshness and gloom.

According to Michael Berdan from Uniform, the song "has to do with an ongoing attempt to hold oneself to a higher standard than you did yesterday. Human beings are bound to mess up as often as not, which can lead to either teachable experiences or nihilistic resign. I grew up surrounded by religious types who could act like monsters six days out of the week as long as they were willing to say 'sorry' to some priest and pray a rosary on the seventh. Continuing in malicious behaviour and demanding arbitrary absolution is a garbage way to live. However, if we take account of where we've done harm to others and ourselves and endeavour to learn and not repeat these actions, then maybe we can grow into empathetic and loving people."


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