Lost Talk: Igloo

After the very much fine debut that was Symbol/Signal from last year, Melbourne's Lost Talk did not lose a minute, and quickly returned with their sophomore LP, Tenterhooks, coming out July 19th, 2019 through Spooky Records. The band declared their new album their final one, and they are about to celebrate it with their last show, happening at the Cactus Room in Melbourne, on the same date as the album's release.

Bringing their hot-blooded fusion of classic punk, noise rock and post punk to full fruition, Tenterhooks sounds belligerent and vital from one end to the other, presenting an able band more confident than ever, raring to give shapely form to their delirious sound and vision. On their brief passage as a band, Lost Talk managed to leave behind nothing but great and lively music, and Tenterhooks is more than a solid epilogue.

An intense three-minute piece of punk slyness, Igloo, a highlight on the album and characteristic of Lost Talk's strong sway and feverish delivery, comes with an equally deranged clip.

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