D//E Exclusive Premiere: Photek: Heading To Work

Seminal electronic music composer, Photek, has been a steady force and an apt contributor to many film, TV and video game soundtracks over the years on account of both his prominent (and often Grammy nominated) remixes and his original compositions, including his score for How to Get Away with Murder.

The feature-length documentary, Mosul, directed by Daniel Gabriel, centers on the battle to reclaim the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State (Isis) from 2016 to 2017; a story told from the perspective an Iraqi journalist embedded with Iraqi forces. Photek aka Rupert Parkes provides the film's forceful score, bringing together avant-garde textures with traditional instrumentation, originating something very much engaging and compatible with the film's tension.

"When it came to compiling the soundtrack album, I realized the music was woven so tightly to the dialog and background sound, that it in many cases the music felt incomplete when listened to separately," says Photek. "As a result, I opted to include voices and atmosphere into the album tracks.  I think this also enhances the listening experience, maintaining the original context taking the listener back to the film experience.

"I’m very proud of the music I created for this film and I think that fans of early Photek material will hear some of that original mood and texture coming through in this score."

Heading to Work is an absolutely ominous and suspenseful, percussion-driven piece of film score excellence which makes a magnetically dark backdrop to the documentary, and streams for the first time ever right below.

The original soundtrack for Mosul comes out digitally on July 19th, 2019 through Lakeshore Records.

Photo by Faria Raji


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