Diamondstein: Someday You'll Have This Too

LA-based electronica/experimental artist, Diamondstein, will be following his collaborative albums with Sangam with his forthcoming record, Reflections on a Dying Man, coming out October 6th, 2019 on Doom Trip Records. Still exploratory, moody and cinematic, but more esoteric than ever, the new album was inspired by the coping with the loss of the artist's father to Lou Gehrig's disease in 2016.

About the driving and full of atmosphere and character ambient techno track, Someday You'll Have This Too, Diamonstein comments: "This song is based on something my mom said to me once about my dad’s depression. She was going to pick up medicine for him at our local pharmacy, and when I asked her why, she said 'Oh, it’s his depression. Don’t worry, someday you’ll have it too,' very matter-of-factly. This is something that has always stuck with me, particularly in the context of my experience home - seeing an area in atrophy and with a person on their deathbed. I think about this a lot in terms of the irreversibility of diseases, depression, and also things like the disillusionment of faith, etc."

He continues, letting us more into the new album's purpose. "Reflecting on a Dying Man isn’t about death so much as the emotional and intellectual experience of witnessing it. Each song represents a moment of clarity in the experience—lucid realizations that you become susceptible to when the man you know better than anyone is steadily fading away on the floor below. Some dark and driving, some thoughtful and saccharine, and some overwhelmingly moving because each is what death feels like when you have the time think about it."

Dreamily nocturnal and very much appropriate for late light or very early morning listening sessions, Diamonstein's upcoming album is shaping up to be an eclectic display of excellent, sharp electronica, propulsive, exciting and notably elegant.


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