Rob Coffinshaker's Underground Fire: End Of the Night

Rob Coffinshaker of the great horror punk/psychobilly act, The Coffinshakers, formed Rob Coffinshaker’s Underground Fire in 2015, and has since then released a series of well received seven-inch singles. Opposed to The Coffinshakers' more country-inclined rockabilly sound, RCUF have been oriented toward a dark gothic rock direction with influences wielding from punk, power pop and classic rock.

The Swedish group is currently on the final stages of putting together their debut full length which is expected to be released later this year. Their latest single, End of the Night, has been out since late 2018, and it's a brilliant representation of the band's replete gothic rock mastery, all dark, emphatic and memorable, and something that surely should not be slipping through the cracks.

The song comes with an incredible, cinematic video courtesy of Mattias Larsson, a seamlessly matching visual to the music's delightful darkness.

Together with Rob Coffinshaker (vocals / guitar), RCUF's lineup is completed with guitarist Anders Karlsson (ex-Bay Laurel, Impression), bass-player Robert Schlyter (Haddock, ex-The Soulshake Express), and drummer Edvin Norrman (ex-Mama Kin).

Fans of dense, fully realized gothic rock, creatures of the night and vampires, rejoice.

Video filmed & edited by Mattias Larsson

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