Unwed Sailor: Gone Jungle

American post rockers, Unwed Sailor, have recently come up with the splendid latest album of theirs, Heavy Age, their first in a long while. Though the album was naturally very well received, it was not the last bit of superb creativity the band had to unveil for this new chapter in their prolific career.

Gone Jungle is a fresh, non-album cut, recorded shortly after Heavy Age, an immersive six-minute instrumental which shows a more uplifting and energizing direction of the band's sound. The new song connects Unwed Sailor's acclaimed latest album with their unreservedly bright future, and once again certifies that the band are having one of the strongest years in their more than twenty year-old path.

Unwed Sailor also announce a series of upcoming summer tour dates, listed below.

Album art by Jasmine Kara

Artist photo by Vincent Griffin

Unwed Sailor tour dates:

6/18 – Los Angeles, CA – Hotel Cafe
6/20 – Phoenix, AZ – Lunchbox Prints
6/21 – Albuquerque, NM – Toy Barn
6/22 – Tulsa, OK – Whittier Bar
7/25 – Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
7/26 – West Palm Beach, FL – Voltaire
7/27 – Miami, FL – Las Rosas
7/28 – St. Augustine, FL – Sarbez!
7/30 – Tampa, FL – The Hub
7/31 – Pensacola, FL – Night Moves
8/1 – Athens, GA – Flicker
8/2-8/3 – Birmingham, AL – Secret Stages Festival

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