NOUS: Transitory Reality

With a moniker selected for its double meaning, connected to both the French "we" or "us, and the Greek word which translates to "mind", and is paralleled to intellect, improvisatory group, NOUS, is an experimental music project curated by composer and producer, Christopher Bono. The group's very much impressive lineup also includes members of Swans, Ghost Against Ghost, Liturgy, Ben Frost and members of the ACME ensemble.

"Nous aspires to bypass the lower level thought patterns of the egotistical mind and encourages the connection of those involved to reach a higher level of consciousness, providing a creative space where intuitive, unexpected, and unexplained results can occur," explains Christopher Bono.

Transitory Reality is the somber, seven-minute, piano-driven post rock piece which brings the group's audacious and multifarious record, NOUS I: A Musical Rite, to a murky and imposing end. The album daringly draws from traditional post rock tropes, wide-ranging psychedelia and krautrock, earthy folk, as well as experimental ambient and drone sounds, taking the unique shape of a fusion that feels like the quintessence of experimentalism and avant-garde.

Alongside Christopher Bono (keyboards/electronics/percussion/vocals), the album features the contributions of Greg Fox (drums/percussion/electronics), Thor Harris (drums/percussion), Shahzad Ismaily (electronics/guitar/bass) and Grey Mcmurray (guitar), with special guests cellist Clarice Jensen, violinist/violist Caleb Burhans, violinist Laura Lutzke, flutist Alex Sopp, cellist/vocalist Imago, plus Laraaji & Arji (Zither, ambient sounds).


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