Twin Dive: Animal // Video

We were introduced to the impeccable force and high spirits of Twin Dive last December when we premiered their live session at Tapetown, performing their track, Animal. Since then the band has come a long way, unleashed more of their music to the world and kept winning audiences over through with their strong have-a-go attitude and acute musicianship.

The team of Robert Jancevich (vocals, guitar) and Ragnar 'Raggi' Gudmunds (drums) is now enhanced with the addition of bassist Charlotte Mortensen, as the band keeps strengthening and developing as one of the finest in the consistently emerging Danish alternative rock scene.

That very track we've heard first in December 2018, has now received the music video treatment, paired with visuals created by filmmakers from GotFat Productions, Mark Vesterlund and Peter Sørensen. The clip draws influence from the otherworldly work of dark master, David Lynch, and becomes a perfect accompaniment to the song's bold and chilling vibe. Interestingly, the video premiered earlier this month in one of the cinemas in Aarhus, where it was shown in a two hour loop.

Artist photo by Anna Marin

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