D//E Premiere: Secrecies: Life We Live / Feel Safe // Official Album Visuals

Dallas-based upcoming duo, Secrecies, put out their self-titled debut album in early June 2019 via Idol Records, earning comparisons to both the dreampop elegance of Beach House, and the synthpop glimmer of Ladytron. The band composed of Shawn Magill and Joey Noga are about to release visual accompaniments to every song on their noteworthy record, starting right here, with the videos for the songs, Life We Live and Feel Safe, streaming for the first time.

The visuals that complement the cathartic waves of wistfulness that both singles carry, are sourced from old film and found footage, and have been curated and patched together by the duo themselves from their live sets.

Life We Live is the album's lead single and winsome opening number, the initial version of which involved Joey Noga banging on pots and pans. The band comments on its intent: "This song is about living the life that makes us happy. It’s about embracing and moving past the paralyzing, painful moments in life. It’s important to be able to ask for help, lean on a friend, or find an outlet of expression to let off steam. It’s about going after the things you want and shedding your fears."

As random as they may initially seem, the well woven together, vintage visuals illustrate a different lifestyle which belongs to the distant past, and convey a sweet kind of melancholy that fits the music's dreamlike and reflective mood like a glove. Both songs sound direct and honest, and their pairing to such credible and refined visual accompaniment, is something that takes Secrecies' already head-turning artistry to a new and absolutely higher level.

"These videos for Life We Live and Feel Safe are the first in a series of visuals for our debut album," the band reveal. "We've been manipulating the content over the course of our gig schedule last year, while finding the right visuals to go with our live set. Our interests gravitated towards old gritty old documentaries and educational films from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Our sounds - as modern as they are - tend to come out with these vintage vibes we wanted to bring to eyes. 'What about those cool visuals you use during your live set,' people kept asking. 'Why don't you turn those into music videos?' So that's what we did."

Shawn and Joey had also interesting statements about both individual clips. On Life We Live they say: "Life We Live's aesthetic comes from our own personal lives. People going about their busy days, interacting with each other and enjoying life, while also becoming entangled in the consequences of their actions. Sometimes it's easy to forget that how we choose to live our lives has an effect on both our immediate surroundings and the greater earth perspective."

On Feel Safe: "The Feel Safe visuals come from this old educational Bike Safety video. We're not sure if anyone has noticed that the song really only has 9 words in the lyrics - but they are powerful words. It's a mantra of many meanings. We cling to safety, but we also can't stand it. Sometimes we find ourselves in an even more dangerous situation from nonsensical adherence to anything alternative. Bicycles can mean freedom. They fly along without a care in the world, but things can just as easily trip you up and cause you to fall flat on your face. A romantic ideal is that as humans we need to be able to toss our cares to the wind and be free, but that reality isn't so easily lived. It's a good reminder to take the time to seek out the places that make us feel safe."

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