Blue Youth: Deaf Mode/Two Faces

Following their very much imposing debut full length, Dead Forever, from last year, Canadian heavy noise rock trio, Blue Youth return  with new material, showing off more from their rawer and cruder side.

Deaf Mode and Two Faces are the band's fresh pieces which were recorded live "off the floor," and are being released as a two song sampler. The first song is a noise rock great which combines elements of post punk and post hardcore, sounding exciting and bold all the way through, as it is lively executed, carrying the band's characteristic fervency, resulting into something utterly daring, dark and enigmatic. Deaf Mode twists and turns through different moods that lead to a menacing, increasing climax, while its mad follow up, Two Faces, in a similar fashion finds Blue Youth in super extreme mode, with a more intricate approach to their writing that takes them into even heavier and screamier areas.

Blue Youth are Gage McGuire (guitar, vocals), Jon Wolfond (bass) and Garret Matheis (drums). The two new songs will be released soon together with the band's first, self-titled EP on a limited cassette sun through Zegema Beach Records and Grind Central Records.

Artist photo by Jesse Wyllychuk


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