It's For Us: Catcher In The Rye

Borrowing its great title from a time-honored masterwork of American literature, the newest single by Swedish post punk gazers, It's For Us is Catcher In The Rye, one of their latest album's finest and most memorable moments.

Themed on relations and interactions that do not last long, whilst contemplatively, as well as positively looking towards purposefulness and solidity, the song is a worldly-wise post punk force which demonstrates many of the ace band's strengths, including their cultivated lyricism, their heated delivery and that dark aggression that feels suggestive of many of the genre's celebrated greats in a truly revered and respectful manner.

It's For Us are Camilla Karlsson (vocals, bass), Jon Gredmark (guitars), Rebecka Johansson (keyboards, backing vocals) and Alex Nilsson (drums).

Stay, the sophomore full length by It's For Us is out now via Novoton.


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