The Moonjacks: Bummer EP

Californian lo-fi punk trio, The Moonjacks, emerge with the release of their upcoming EP, Bummer, out on June 1st, 2019.

According to the band, Bummer was "recorded in a bedroom over the course of a week using two microphones, an old interface, and a ton of wax," and its wonderful immediacy is evidently spread throughout four ultra fuzzy, very noisy, single-word titled tracks which span twelve minutes of winsome, low fidelity rock 'n' roll.

The boisterous record sets things off to a wild kickoff with the desert garage rocker, Cigarettes, grabbing the listener from the start through its loudness, while notions of Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western music underlie, mingled with the band's own, unique punk edginess. The EP's title track, comes even heavier, bringing its surf rock properties to the genre's limits, all strident and charmingly cacophonous, followed by the slower, Sesh, the EP's longest track which sounds redolent of the genre mixing, indie sensibility of Camper Van Beethoven, again, brought intensively to the extreme. Omw which comes next is another monotonous, uncomplicated surf rocker, which closes the record showcasing more of the trio's instrumental strength due to the absence of vocals for its most part.

Surf rock, garage pop, punk and psychedelia should make up something more tangled than this, yet, The Moonjacks make it all sound no-nonsense, direct and completely visceral. Take in the energy and enjoy Bummer which comes highly recommended for repeated listening.

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