Heron: The Glow

Post rock has often been defined by cliches and stereotypes, and it's admittedly a genre which has been whelmed by mediocrity, and regularly foiled due to lack of inspiration. Although everything about Heron, from their song structures to their set up, suggests a direction toward a traditional and customary post rock sound, the Pennsylvania quartet appears like a breath of fresh air that's totally antithetical to the genre's oft repeated staleness.

Having mastered the art of crescendoing, and always conveying a sense of immediacy through their live-captured and lively sound, Heron's sophomore album is shaping up to be a fully realized and completely enthralling post rock showpiece. The Glow, both tuneful and majestic, finds Heron in fine shape, working instinctively to create something that feels amicable, as well as stimulating.

Sun Release comes out July 19th, 2019. The upcoming LP was recorded live at Buffalo’s GCR Audio, mixed by Matt Bayles (Foxing, Mastodon, Screaming Females), and mastered by Frank Arkwright.

Artist photo by Light In The Dark Photography

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