Clay Rendering: Black Vows

The enlivened and enhanced, now LA-based dark act, Clay Rendering are preparing to release their upcoming LP, California Black Vows on June 14th, 2019 on the great Hospital Productions, and after the arresting leading single and video for Don't Understand You, they unveil another gloomily mesmerizing piece, the more traditional, folk-inclined, Black Vows.

A steady paced and melodious march, Black Vows is centered on the haunting and enchanting vocal of Tara Connelly, and it comes strongly evocative of gothic folk's standard vanguard, with its instrumentation and amazing production, courtesy of Dylan Neal (of the experimental electronica act, Thief), factoring in extensively to the overall magnetism. Clay Rendering's new endeavors convey credence and intimacy, together with boundless darkness, and their forthcoming album is expected to be true to its promise that it's going to be their most fully realized work to date.



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