Clay Rendering: Don't Understand You

Four years after their previous album, Snowthorn, Clay Rendering return with a new LP which marks a lot of change and transformation for the cutting edge dark act. California Black Vows releases on June 14th, 2019 on Hospital Productions, and finds the band relocated from the suburbs of the Midwest to Los Angeles, while its once core duo of Mike and Tara Connelly is now enhanced with the addition of Sera Timms (Black Mare, Black Math Horseman, Ides Of Gemini) on bass and Joe Potts (Sollilja) on drums. Clay Rendering are now a quartet, and California Black Vows is promised to be their most ambitious and fully realized work thus far.

Don't Understand You is a hell of dark piece, with a darkwave foundation and a post punk edge, a strong harbinger of the coming album which showcases the band's evolution and how characterful this new incarnation of theirs is. All gloomy and hard-hitting, the song dumbstrucks the listener with amazement, as both male and female vocals interact in a seamless manner, sounding equally incredible and riveting.

A very much cinematic, noir visual comes accompanying the song, created by William Hayward.

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