Nots: Floating Hand

Following Half Painted House, Memphis punk band, Nots, reveal another piece off their forthcoming LP, 3, their first as a trio and third overall. The frantic, Floating Hand, stands firmly on a monotonic, yet, very much expressive post punk foundation, with hints of color from synthpunk, no wave, krautrock and psychedelic rock, in an overall splendid fusion.

The new song fleshes out the notion of a constant persona, someone having to continuously act, resulting in them losing reality in the performance. The band's own, Natalie Hoffmann explains: "The lines between the two are continuously blurred... not a judgement on this fact, since this is part of being a human, but more just a recognizing of it and of how exhausting and confusing it can be."

Nots are Natalie Hoffmann, Charlotte Watsonand and Meredith Lones.


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