Softaware: Lavender

One half of darksynth duo, Harglow, Colin Nance applies a completely different side of his creativity on Softaware, an ethereal synthpop project from Dallas, TX. Written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Nance, with the addition of lyrics and vocals by Lauren Todd, the freshly unveiled, Lavender, brings to mind the airiness of Cocteau Twins, the wistfully darker approach of All About Eve, and partly the more contemporary, glimmering electronic sound of acts like Chromatics and In Mirrors.

"This song (among others) that I was working on at the time, is about change," Nance says about Lavender. "I started writing it right after moving to Austin from Oklahoma City. A new environment, new feelings, and new perspectives."

With its lightness conveying an almost unearthly quality, and through its generous six and a half-minute duration, the new track incites and wins the listener over like a dream.

Nance has a lot more of interesting details about the song: "I had kind of lost faith in the track. I got all the instrumentation where I wanted it, but I just couldn’t seem to find my voice with it.

"It wasn’t fully realized until after I met Lauren. We decided that we wanted to collaborate and so I began working on a new song just to find myself coming back around to this particular track again. Lauren breathed a new light and helped me find a solace within the song that I couldn’t find on my own.

"Right before I made another transition/change in my life by moving away from Austin, we recorded Lauren’s vocals over two nights. It was our only shot to get it right and as weary as we were that second night, she nailed it."

Lavender is out now as part of the Vehlinggo Presents series curated by the much reliable


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